Overwatch’s new 3v3 elimination mode is much more tense than your average match. If you wanna make it downright frightening, though, try playing hide-and-seek.

Muselk and friends decided to create their own objective in 3v3: hide (and, you know, don’t die) until the timer runs out, rendering the match a draw. Their results were... mixed.

While they absolutely pissed off some of the people they came up against, it actually looks pretty fun. Blizzard designed 3v3 to prevent people from hiding forever (when there’s one minute left, your location is revealed to the enemy team), but that only makes the ensuing chases even more nail-biting. I am glad, too, that Junkrat’s Chill AF emote is a viable stealth option.

Have you created your own objectives in Overwatch or other multiplayer games? Was it fun? (To be clear, “obliterate Mei on sight” doesn’t count. That’s just called “playing Overwatch.”)