You’re playing Overwatch, and the match is going well, all things considered. You’ve got a ten-elimination streak going, and your team just reached the second checkpoint with time to spare. But then you hear the words. The doom words. “You’re powered up! Get in there.” Fuck.

Beloved sniper mom Ana’s ult gives any single ally a massive boost to speed, damage, and resilience. A well-timed Ana ult along with, say, a Genji hack ‘n’ slash fest can turn the tide of a whole match.


With great power comes great responsibility... and a shitload of pressure. One time, I got hit with Ana’s ult as Reinhardt and immediately charged off a cliff. Another time, an Ana put my Pharah in “HULK SMASH” mode, and I rocketed into the sky and unleashed my ult on an unsuspecting crowd of nobody. Another time still, an Ana used her ult on my Lucio, and I just stood there and stared at her with a look on my face that said, “Why.”

It’s not just me. Ana’s ult has become a meme in many corners of the Overwatch community. Here are some of my favorite examples: