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Overwatch Player Uses Sombra Glitch To Go Skydiving

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sombra is a free spirit, a rebel. You can’t put her in a box. I mean that literally, by the way.

So, for the uninitiated (or those who’d rather not venture to the unruly Wild West that is Overwatch’s PTR), Sombra can teleport. She has a translocator device, which she can lob pretty far. Wherever it goes, Sombra can near-instantly fly in a purple blur that’d make Sonic The Hedgehog jealous, and with hair that would make Shadow The Hedgehog jealous.


Overwatch players have discovered that if you make a custom game and disable ability cooldowns, you can do some pretty interesting things with translocators. Things like glitch out of every level in the game and reach the absolute top of the sky, where even our benevolent goddess Pharah cannot tread. One player, Hoshizora, turned their finger to mush on the E key to go skydiving:

Rad, right? And super soothing, something I think we could all use after this Week Of Weeks. Here’s how they managed it:

I suppose this makes sense, in its own way. Sombra first made waves by hacking our reality. She’s in Overwatch’s virtual reality now, but it can’t hold her. Hacked indeed.