Overwatch’s giant hammer-wielding tank of a man Reinhardt has a powerful charge move that rockets him forward, catching any enemies caught in his path and dragging them along with him. Overwatch also has a lot maps with dangerous precipices to fall off of. You probably see where this is going.

In a recent match (via Reddit), Overwatch player Renbot saw an opportunity to Reinhardt charge his way right into the enemy Symmetra’s face. He probably didn’t know that their magical journey would go all the way through and alley and...straight off the map.

Luckily for Renbot, he managed to snag a few more friends along the way. A lot more, actually:


Holy shit. Hey got five friggin’ enemies with one charge. REKT.

In case that oddshot clip doesn’t work, here’s the same clip on streamable:


This game is so good, you guys.