I’ve featured one dedicated Overwatch wall-rider before, but this person has turned it into an art form.

If you’re in need of some chilled-out Friday afternoon viewing, I can’t recommend Seba’s wall-ride of Overwatch’s new level, Eichenwalde, enough. This combination of slick movement and soothing beats will heal you from the grotesque wound between weekends that we call “the work week” in a snap. Check it out:

“Let’s break it down?” Nay, I say. Nay. We will never break it down. There is only one direction: up.


According to Seba, this is the culmination of eight hours of practice. Given how deceptively difficult it can be to both Get Up There and Stay Up There as Lucio, I believe it.

Here’s a similar wall-ride in third-person:

Feel better? Or, if you’re a Lucio player, worse—specifically in regard to your wall-riding skills? Cool. Now you can begin the weekend. See you next week, everybody!

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