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Some people—most people, probably—play Capture The Flag by barreling straight into the enemy’s base, shooting down anyone that gets in the way. Lucio, however, has options.

We all know that in the right hands Lucio can be a wall-riding demon, and Erez Perlman uses that to great effect on Lijiang Tower. Watch as he circumvents the enemy team by going behind the map, and then speeds back home to score a point. Awesome.


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I love Overwatch. I wish there was a way to explore the maps without so much urgency. I feel like there is so much to explore but you’re so busy playing and attacking/defending you never get to really take in your surroundings.

How do these Lucio players practice all this wall riding? I’d love to practice these skills but in the heat of the moment I never really get the chance. =(