Lucioball, a new limited-time Overwatch mode clearly inspired by Rocket League, is named such because, well, it’s an all-Lucio deal. Somehow, though, D.Va showed up in one guy’s game.

BlameTheController posted a video of his peculiar Lucioball match, and yep, that sure is D.Va on the field, complete with an arsenal that transforms her into a Lucioball all-star, despite the fact that—I cannot emphasize this enough—she isn’t named Lucio.

“WHAAAAT???” indeed.

Despite being seemingly immobilized for the whole match, D.Va ultimately picked up Play of the Game. Somehow.

As of now, nobody’s quite sure how this glitch works, but apparently Widowmaker’s also been spotted turning Lucioball into a significantly grimmer sport.

Earlier today, Kirk asked if D.Va is OP. After seeing her tear up the Lucioball field by literally being in two places at once, is it really even a question anymore? I mean, she’s already a fictional eSports superstar. Is Blizzard gonna let her dominate at real fictional sports now too?