Overwatch Gets New Paris Map

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Surprise surprise, Overwatch—which players have taken to declaring a veritable dust bowl of new content in the wake of yet another seasonal event retread—is getting a new map. This one’s set in Paris, the city of romance (and now, romance’s close friend, Death) just in time for Valentine’s Day.


Blizzard revealed the map without a ton of fanfare (or even a trailer), saying that it’s an assault map, meaning that one team attacks points and the other defends. No payloads.

On the map, you’ll be able to “battle your way through narrow streets and corridors before colliding alongside the Seine,”visit the Cabaret Luna, home to musical talents of diva Luna,”stop by the Pâtisserie Galand, known for their delicate mille-feuille and colorful macarons,” and “take a leisurely stroll through the Maison Marat a grand palace hosting a gala in the heart of the city.”


It’s on Overwatch’s PC public test server right now, so get to it.

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Man, what’s the player base like for Overwatch these days, I wonder? Not trying to do the classic dick-y comment like “lol people still play this

But it does seem like the game has mostly died down, which is fine considering it’s getting kinda old now. But man I never see anyone on my friends list playing it anymore, and like half my friends on there were from Overwatch. Just doesn’t seem like much hype anymore.