Overwatch Fans Are Drawing McCree As A Waiter Thanks To The New Event

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Screenshot: Overwatch (Blizzard)

Thanks to some new voice lines, the Overwatch fandom is geeking out over the idea of the surly cowboy McCree dressed as a waiter. I am here for it.

Overwatch’s Retribution event expands a part of lore players have been wanting to explore. The event takes place during a mission where Blackwatch, the Overwatch team’s black ops division, infiltrates a hideout in future Venice. Some of the new voice lines you’ll hear during this event, if you play the scenario enough, are McCree, Reaper and Moira talking about their alternate infiltration plan. Apparently, McCree was supposed to pose as a waiter, but he got fired from his cover job. He also practiced his Italian accent based off of the Spaghetti Westerns he’d been watching. Take a listen:

If you’re a talented artist who loves Overwatch and also loves shitposting, of course you’d have to draw that. And players have been. One even went so far as to make a short comic of McCree’s short lived career as a waiter, which other fans voice acted:


Some players are imagining the moment when McCree gets fired:


Others think he’d just look cute in the outfit:


They’ve won me over. Hey Blizzard, think we can get a skin of this? Thanks.

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For skin, can his gun be that cheese grating thing and his ult line be “just say when”