Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan has explained how the new role queue feature will work in-game. Both quick play and competitive modes will, by default, incorporate role queue. You’ll queue up for matches based on whether you want to play tank, damage, or support, and in the case of competitive, you’ll have a separate skill rating for each role. Blizzard is anticipating an initial swarm of MLG pro Genjis (and other damage dealers), so there’ll be incentives like additional loot boxes for people who queue up as, say, supports. This all flips the game’s script pretty significantly, and Kaplan said there are also some big balance changes on the way, especially for Brigitte. You can read about those changes here. Role queue is now available on Overwatch’s PC public test server, and it’ll go live starting with a two-week beta competitive season beginning on August 13.


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