Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan has explained how the new role queue feature will work in-game. Both quick play and competitive modes will, by default, incorporate role queue. You’ll queue up for matches based on whether you want to play tank, damage, or support, and in the case of competitive, you’ll have a separate skill rating for each role. Blizzard is anticipating an initial swarm of MLG pro Genjis (and other damage dealers), so there’ll be incentives like additional loot boxes for people who queue up as, say, supports. This all flips the game’s script pretty significantly, and Kaplan said there are also some big balance changes on the way, especially for Brigitte. You can read about those changes here. Role queue is now available on Overwatch’s PC public test server, and it’ll go live starting with a two-week beta competitive season beginning on August 13.


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In Competitive Play and Quick Play, players choose their role before finding a game. The matchmaking system will create a team that is comprised of two tanks, two supports, and two damage heroes.

I appreciate the efforts of allowing players to determine, on the front end, what role they’re going to play. In the video, they make a big effort to break down the change, the benefits of that shift (like tracking stats between roles separately - hey, you are better at tank than support!), and their plan for rolling it out. Blizzard, I appreciate it.

That said, I still don’t like its introduction into Quick Play. I primarily play in a group with other players, and we are typically responsible enough (or creative enough) with picking roles that the 0-2 randoms with us don’t hurt our team comp too much. I valued the flexibility of making varied team comps or switching mid-round between roles.

Oh, and an aside on the weird creative aside in the video: no, Shakespeare writing brilliant sonnets (which are not “the most constrained form of poetry”) is not a demonstration that creativity always grows through constraints. Such a comment also ignores the meta choice that Shakespeare chose to write in the form of a sonnet, and had other modes he would use (blank verse, couplets, prose). He was not less creative for also writing plays, or sometimes writing sonnets more than 14 lines long.

I had said I’d quit Overwatch entirely. However, the video says there will be a Quick Play Classic card in Arcade, so I might stick around for that.