[Image: BADENDING961]

This is cool. Members of the Overwatch team appeared at a Korean PC bang (net cafe) in Seoul, challenging other players to defeat them.

The visit was supposed to be secret. However, before the visit, someone posted on an Inven forum (warning: NSFW images) that the Overwatch devs were coming to a Korean PC bang today. Other forum members thought it was b.s., but...

These monitors are slick.

As tipster Sang points out, the tweet below says the middle school kids won.

And this one, Sang notes, says the devs lost five matches in a row.

Twitter user Windy Jolly got a wallet after defeating the devs.

Windy Jolly, though, wrote he thought the Overwatch team was going easy on players.

Though, if Windy Jolly is as good as these Korean players, then he was probably the one taking it easy.


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