Overwatch Competition Is Pushing Cosplay To Its Limits

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There’s currently an international cosplay battle going on between Overwatch fans, and the results are out of this world.

It’s a genuine competition, put on by Blizzard, and there are six teams--each of them featuring some of the world’s finest cosplayers and prop builders--from across Europe competing.

The victors will be announced on March 26 after both fan and expert panel verdicts, but really, all six entrants are winners, because holy shit every single one of them is pushing the envelope about as far as can be pushed without folks mistaking these for production shots from an Overwatch movie.

First up is the UK (littlejem, Artyfakes and NicSamiotis) with this moving, lit-up and smoking Orisa:

Next is France (papacosplay, kiilys_cosplay & nadcosplay) with a very in-proportion Torbjörn:

Third is Russia (irine_meier, alfakote & 1rouch) with D.Va and a full-scale mech:

Spain’s entry (Nebulaluben_, MadeOutOfFoam & Ireneskyworld) is this take on Genji’s Baihu skin:

Italy (leonchiro, starchild_props & nadiaskcom) have also gone for a Genji skin, this time his Blackwatch outfit:

And finally there’s Germany (wegenaer, monono_creative_arts & artcorecosplay) with Symmetra’s Dragon skin:

What’s cool here is that each entry is a little bit different, meaning across the six there’s a fantastic mix of what constitutes top-level cosplay in 2019. Some use a ton of make-up, some are using massive prop constructions, some are combining them, and all of them are just absolutely incredible.

There are more pics at the competition’s homepage if you want to take a look.