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Overwatch 2 Is Buggier Than Blizzard Is Admitting [Update: Entire Characters Pulled ATM]

Characters like Torbjorn and Bastion are temporarily unavailable due to issues with their abilities, Blizzard says

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Bastion from Overwatch, who has been temporarily removed from Overwatch 2 a week after launch following the discovery of bugs with his ultimate that allowed players to trigger it infinitely.
Illustration: Activision Blizzard

After a very rough launch week, Overwatch 2 seems to be finally finding its legs. Big issues such as server stability, SMS authentication, and automatic skin purchases have been improved, fixed, or are in the process of getting adjusted. However, there are still tons of individual issues with Overwatch 2 characters that have gone unaddressed. Some of them are frustrating. Others are hilarious, and I hope that Blizzard never fixes them.

Understandably, Blizzard is focusing its resources on addressing the major errors that affect the broadest swath of players. And I’ll eat my shoes if their QA testers hadn’t already caught most, if not all of these major bugs before launch. But it still would have been nice if Blizzard at least acknowledged some of these gameplay issues on their pinned post of known bugs and issues. So instead of finding out from Blizzard, I found them on social media. Let’s go over them.


Damage-dealer Mei can create an ice wall, which she can use for cover or to platform her way to higher structures. Unfortunately, jumping on top of these structures in Overwatch 2 will cause her to rubber band. For those not in the know, rubberbanding refers to a lag that occurs between the game server and your local software. This can give the impression that a character is teleporting instantly from one location to another. Overwatch players have been uploading videos of Mei teleporting instantly on top of her ice wall after a brief delay. Players have also found that her wall behaves inconsistently. It allows her to fall out of bounds, and Mei players have reported being able to phase through it.

Since Mei is a less popular character, fans feel slighted by Blizzard’s unwillingness or inability to fix her ability before launch. The bug felt especially disappointing because her old freeze ability had been removed, which was an important aspect of her play style.


Bastion mains on the other hand, are having the time of their lives. Within the span of his ultimate ability, he allows you to spam artillery at his opponents when you right click very fast. The buff will likely be nerfed in the near future. For now, Bastion mains will still be able to rain terror on their opponents.

There’s also been other unresolved issues outside of gameplay. Ashe players report that she T-poses when sitting or wearing a specific skin, though it’s possible that sitting in general is bugged right now. And Cassidy’s victory pose looks a lot more suggestive when he’s twirling the air instead of his pistol. It’s less that any one of the issues is catastrophic than it is that, alongside the other wide issues and a more sparse game overall (like in the post-match results, or the number of maps that are gone now), it’s left some players calling Overwatch 2 more of an “early access” or unfinished experience than anticipated. Even minor details, like the UI, are being picked apart for not being perfectly flush right now. Other issues, like players getting booted from games or having their game crash entirely after earning achievements, have persisted since last week.

Sit tight: Blizzard will likely get to character-specific bugs once it’s done with putting out server-wide fires or bugs that affect every player in the game. For now, we can still laugh at Overwatch 2 players getting absolutely obliterated by Bastion’s infinite missiles.


Update 7:40 p.m. EST: Blizzard has announced that both Bastion and Torbjorn will be taken out of the game temporarily as the developer addresses “a few bugs” in their ability kits. Presumably, this is in response to the reported issues with Bastion’s infinite ult, though in the case of Torbjorn, it seems to do with his Overloaded ability, which reportedly could be used twice in succession. Bastion won’t be available at all during this time, while Torbjorn can only be played in quick play (meaning, no ranked.)