Overlord: Minions On DS - More DS-ish Than Overlord-y

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Fans of the console Evil 'em-up Overlord have already been primed for the upcoming Overlord II. Suppose they find themselves in the Outside World, though — is the DS game Overlord: Minions going to scratch the itch for a bit of handheld Overlordin'?


If the early demo on show at the Games Convention is anything to go by, the answer is 'sorta'. Codemasters are first and foremost concentrating on making a solid DS game and then trying to cram as much Overlord into the thing as possible.


As such, the game is now entirely stylus-based with your supply of willing minions whittled down to just four - each of which has a special area of expertise. With a greater emphasis on puzzle solving the game looks to be veering towards Lemmings territory.

Not that there is anything wrong with Lemmings (we'll ignore the various shonky attempts at 3Ding that classic puzzler) but let's hope Codemasters don't lose that tasty Overlord flavour. Good for them for not just settling on a nice safe conversion, though.

Overlord Minions (Nintendo DS) [1Up]

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I disagree with the "Nothing wrong with Lemmings" sentiment. I've always felt it was a tedious, pointless, unit management with no real puzzles, just a long exercise in idiotic and tenacious effort.

Though I don't see how a game with four units could be like lemmings. What made lemmings so hideous in my mind was the number of units. And how boring the puzzles were. And the fact that you couldn't actually control your units.

Ok, enough with the Lemmings bashing. My point is, this looks more like a puzzle game where you have to utilize a number of abilities to navigate the environment, similar to the puzzle segments of overlord. And those minion sprits are adorable.