Overheated Xbox Blamed for Burning Down Home

Michigan firefighters are blaming an overheating Xbox and spiral notebook for a house fire in Clio last month. Firefighters say the console was left on for as long as four days with a notebook possible blocking its air vents. The original Xbox also still had the power cord which was recalled by Microsoft in 2003. The family's apartment, which was above the cafe they ran, apparently isn't covered by their insurance so the insurance company is only paying to fix the business and not replace personal possessions ruined by smoke.The family said they considered suing Microsoft for the fire, but can't afford the legal fees and are afraid they may not win. Good call. As fire experts, and the chief of the local fire department, point out electronic devices shouldn't be left on for such an extended time.

Grand Blanc Fire Chief Jim Harmes said videogame consoles and laptop computers can generate a lot of heat, creating a fire risk. "If you're not using it, turn it off," said Harmes.


Xbox blamed in Clio fire; device left on too long, investigators say [The Flint Journal]

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