Over Two Million DSi Consoles Sold In Japan

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The Nintendo DSi, Nintendo's latest DS iteration, has sold 2 million units in Japan. Earlier this month, three new DSi colors went on sale in The Land of the Rising Sun.


The portable console went on sale on November 1, and as of December last year, the console had sold 1.28 million units in Japan.

Total lifetime sales for the DS in Japan are 26,083,985 million. The original DS has sold 6,449,206 million, the Nintendo DS Lite has sold 17,610,348 million and the DSi has sold 2,024,431 million.

ニンテンドーDSiの国内累計販売台数200万台を突破(エンターブレイン調べ) [Famitsu]



I feel so lost. I don't know if I'm missing the advertising, or if I'm not getting it. Exactly what is the benefit to the DSi? I know it's not the camera, too weak compared to even most mobiles. Is it the downloadable content? I wish Ninty had released some DSi specific games to show exactly what the difference/advantage is to upgrading.