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Over Populated New World Servers No Longer Allowing New Characters

Amazon's MMORPG is very popular, leading to full servers and huge waiting times for players trying to get in

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
An error message saying people can't make a new character on a New World server.
Image: Amazon / Kotaku

It’s a good thing when hundreds of thousands of people are trying to play your game. However, as with most things in life, too much of a good thing is well... bad.

Amazon Game Studios is dealing with that now, as its recently launched MMO New World is struggling to keep up with high player counts. In an effort to control the problem, a new change is blocking folks from creating new characters in overly full servers.

After numerous delays and betas, Amazon’s New World MMORPG was finally released on September 28. While many, including Kotaku’s own Mike Fahey, have enjoyed the new game, it has suffered since day one with server issues and bugs. In the first 24 hours or so over 700k players rushed into the game, trying to jump online, and many encountered long queue times. Players reported wait times of 212 hours on some servers or you know, over a week of waiting.


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Since some players have stopped trying to play every hour of the day, things have calmed a bit and it has become easier to log on. But for folks who call a fully populated server home, long queue times are still a problem. Amazon has suggested new users create characters on low population servers, promising that character transfers is a feature coming in the near future.


To really make sure populated servers don’t continue to explode, AGS has now updated the game and blocked people from making new avatars on about 30 servers that it marks as “Full.” The devs explained this is only a temporary solution, with the assumption that as more players spread out to more servers and the overall number of simultaneous users drops, blocking new characters won’t be needed.


Alongside this new change, Amazon has launched a server status page for the game, so folks can easily see how populated their New World server is at a quick glance.