Over 140,000 New PSPs Sold In Just Four Days

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Released in Japan on October 16th, the new PSP-3000 has reached a sales figure of 141,270 units in its first four days. Impressive! Also impressive, the combined sales figures of the PSP-1000 and PSP-2000 for the October 13th-October 19th period tallied 155,720 units. (Compare that to the 19873 PSPs sold the previous week and the 24131 sold the week before that.) To date, 10,357,481 PSPs have been sold in Japan. PSP-3000、発売4日間で14万1270台を販売(エンターブレイン調べ) [Famitsu]


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How many handhelds have come on the market since the Gameboy debuted, and lasted like the PSP? Exactly none. Whatever Sony is doing to get these things sold is working, and against the juggernaught that is the DS. For me the 3000 isn't worth another purchase (I have a 2000 that's nearly new) but the Japanese seem to love to buy anything that's new and improved. I don't think we'll see a similar spike in US sales but I've been surprised before.