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Ouya Will Be Getting Tim Schafer's Big Kickstarter Game. Other Consoles Won't, Ouya Boss Says [UPDATE]

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Tim Schafer throwback Kickstarter-funded game, Double Fine Adventure, is coming to multiple platforms, but only to one console, the CEO of the upcoming Android mini-console said today during a talk at DICE. It's coming to hers, the Ouya.

Schafer's game is one of 450 games planned for the system, Ouya boss Julie Uhrman said. She added that Words with Friends co-creator Paul Bettner's next game will be coming to Ouya as well.

Ouya is an Android-based gaming console and a Kickstarter success in its own right. The upcoming console earned more than $8.5 million in crowd-funding last year. It stands to reason that games that are being made for Android will easily run on Ouya, so long as developers map Ouya gamepad controls to them.


Most recent Double Fine games have come to home consoles, but Uhrman said Ouya would provide the only TV experience for the game. You'll also be able to play it on Android and iOS devices as well as PC, Mac and Linux.

We're checking with Double Fine for further comment, but this quasi-exclusive seems to pretty much be the byproduct of the nature of an Android-based console.


UPDATE: A Double Fine rep says that Schafer's game, codenamed Reds, will count the Ouya as its only TV console on launch day. That seems to leave it open to come to other consoles after launch. But the rep says the studio currently has no plans for other console releases.