Outrun Online Arcade A 360 Exclusive (Only In America)

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Outrun Online Arcade has us excited. But if you're American and own a PS3, you may want to ease back on the throttle of your own white-hot excitement jets. For safety reasons.


Because it's been confirmed that while the game will be released on both Xbox 360 and PS3 the world over, in North America, the game will only be released on Xbox 360. No PS3 version.

No word on just why this is taking place, so take your pick from the following:

1) Microsoft negotiated a costly exclusivity period for a game that will sell so few copies it won't have been worth it

2) SCEA, believing that Sumo's Outrun series has performed better in Europe than the US, turned the game down, forgetting that as a digital download they don't need to worry about sales.

3) SCEE, tired of copping shit for PSN games turning up late (or not at all) on the European store, withheld the game just to give SCEA a taste of consumer vitriol.


Could be none of those, could be all three!

No Outrun for PSN in US [CVG]


Wow, this is a blow. Truly looking forward to this one, im sorry for PS3 owners over the atlantic.