Outriders Bug Is Still Costing Players Dozens Of Hours Of Lost Progress

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Outriders had a few bugs at launch, like most online games do, but the worst was one that simply wiped player’s inventories, robbing them of hours of progress. A big patch went live over the weekend to fix the game and...that bug is still there, only now it’s costing players a lot more progress since they’re further along.


As Eurogamer reports, some users in the game’s Reddit updated the game over the weekend and still had issues, and when I say issues, I mean had 50-100 hours of progress and inventory wiped out in an instant.

“Everything gone, 94 hours lost, almost complete build lost, this is a joke”, wrote one. “Naked at login, server can’t connect yada yada like everyone else.”

Developers People Can Fly are aware of the continued problems, saying, “We are aware and deeply sorry that some users are continuing to encounter an inventory wipe. We are doing everything we can to resolve this issue, both server and game-side.”

This game should never have been so reliant on servers in the first place, and everything players are going through right now is a consequence of that fundamental decision. It sucks! The only good news, if there is any, is that the developers are working on “a restoration for all affected accounts.



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This is a disaster level scenario and I feel bad for everybody involved. I never was gonna spend much time in the “endgame” anyway because the story gave me my fill, but in all my years playing looters, I’ve never had to even worry about this.

Can’t blame people for being pissed off if that’s how they choose to feel about this but at the same time, plenty of games are online only and this kind of problem is never even a thought. I actually remember people giving Crystal Dynamics a hard time over Avengers because saves were local and prone to being corrupted.

You can argue causation, but the correlation between the ongoing pandemic and disastrous game launches is making it clear to me that maybe we should be cutting these developers some slack.