Our Yakuza: Like A Dragon Review Is In Progress [UPDATE]

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Original post: Wondering where our Yakuza: Like a Dragon review is? It’s in progress! This is a huge game, like any Yakuza title, and to rush it to meet an embargo date (which just ticked over), skipping over its bounty of sidequests and secrets, isn’t fair on any of us.

So stay tuned next week when I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the game, front to back, and...well, it deviates a lot more from the standard ol’ Yakuza formula than I was expecting.


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Yakuza has almost become another Eve Online for me. Well, maybe. I ain’t played any of em, but I’m tempted, like really tempted, to dive right in and check em out. The mini-games, the silliness, the story in general, it all seems like such fun.

I’m sure someone will chime in and say, “check it out, it’s awesome.” And maybe it is awesome, but I’m scared. What if it’s not “that awesome”? What if it’s only just a game that’s pretty good? Is it worth it? Should I check it out? Maybe. It looks fun. But right now it’s perfect. And we’re in Good Will Hunting territory. Maybe I’m perfect, and I’m scared of discovering its flaws. Maybe my flaws will resinate with the game and it’ll expose me. Who knows?

Maybe, one day; maybe today I’ll check er out.