Our Video Game Sand Castle Contest Winners

Last week we challenged you to make video game sand castles. We dangled fabulous prizes at you (StarCraft II books). With one weekend to accomplish the task, we got five winners. We were hoping for 10. Quality, not quantity?

Contestants needed to make a video-game themed sand castle and include the word Kotaku on or near their castle. No, a woman in a bikini is not the word Kotaku. And, yes, BP got in at least one reader's way.

Let us not lament. Let us celebrate! Five video game themed sand-castles, all marked with the brand of Kotaku. Congratulations to the winners. Send me a private message with your real name and mailing address by next Monday and we'll send you your book.


By Gildon

By Addy771


By Dom5553


By Zajakkal


By Wrath9259

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