Our Drone-Controlled Future Looks Like A Video Game

Designer Alex Cornell has made this video called Our Drone Future, which gives us a glimpse of a future where fleets of drones monitor our every outdoor activity. It's as cool as it is a little creepy.


There's a "story" here, which you'll get to by sticking around to the end, but the really awesome part of the video is that Cornell used his own drone to capture the footage.

Our Drone Future [YouTube, via Laughing Squid]



Oh My God....

What if that's the intent? They draw gamers like us to these drones and make them seem like video games. They offer a job portrayed as "getting paid to play games where you kill and spy on virtual people for fun!" but in reality your killing real people for corporate/government interest. The best part of it is, even if you know this you don't have a choice because finding a good paying is next to impossible when you have to compete against 10000 other people wanting a good job, how else can you feed yourself!?

...The future turns darker with every passing day...