Our First Glimpse Of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided In Action

Today Square Enix debuted the first in-game footage of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. As expected, it’s cyberpunk as fuck.

The trailer is heavy on three things: 1) action, 2) the color black, 3) the color gold. The first part is a bit off-putting (Deus Ex is about out-sneaking and/or out-smarting, damn it), but it does provide an opportunity for Eidos Montreal to show off some of Jensen’s flashy new tricks. For instance, he can now detach his arm blades and use them as projectiles. Would that he could do the same with his retractable sunglasses.


Jensen can also use a new full-body shield that will almost certainly be called the NANOSHIELD (edit: Googled it and yep, I called it), which makes him much more difficult to damage and also a walking hunk of polished obsidian. Glory be to our craggy new god.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will be out... sometime. Hopefully before 2029.



I gotta admit that even being a huge Deus EX Human Revolution I had all but forgotten about this after all the huge announcements of the first days of E3.

Compared to HR’s cinematic trailer and all, it does look a bit lackluster. Do you guys even remember how you felt when you watched this:


But in any case, the trailer for Mankind Divided looks... proper. Proper sequel, with interesting story, and more of what HR was. Which is great, but not Fallout 4 great I guess.

Still adds to the E3 hype train though. Best in so many years.