Original Devil May Cry Creator Sticks Up For the New DmC

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Game developer Hideki Kamiya of Platinum Games and recent Bayonetta fame will field just about any question on Twitter, whether he's well-versed on a topic or not. Something he knows a ton about? Devil May Cry games. Kamiya was the director on the original Devil May Cry back in 2001 and a very good authority on what makes a Devil May Cry game great.


Not surprisingly, fans and foes of the newest game in the Devil May Cry series, the newly-released DmC, want to know his thoughts on it.


It would be so easy for him to ignore these questions or to knock the new game. The man has no love lost for Capcom, the company that has put out all the DMC games. And he's not averse to trash-talking on Twitter. The new DmC isn't even made by a Capcom studio and instead has been crafted by the Heavenly Sword people at Ninja Theory.

But, no way is Kamiya taking the bait. He's not bashing DmC. Instead, he just said this:


And a little later:


Can this story get any happier?


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"Indeed. :) RT @ideologylite Glad you feel that way. Ninja Theory is a really talented UK studio and they've treated your game with respect."

What respect? They shit on the old look of dante. I don't see how that's respect? Or is it like they respect it so much that they had to change the whole game and visuals?