Operation Flashpoint 2 Strokes Its Ego

Here's a new developer diary-style clip from Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising developer Codemasters, proving that their EGO game engine can handle more than racing games.

Until now, Codemasters has limited their utilization of the EGO game engine to their racing titles, such as the stunning Colin McRae: DiRT and Race Driver: GRID games. Now they're using it to build the sequel to the original Operation Flashpoint, and from what I've seen in this video it's performing quite admirably. Certainly looks better than the placeholder demonstration footage they had on hand at the last E3, and even that was impressive. If they can release a game that looks like that yet still runs smoothly on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 I might have to reassess my opinion of Codemasters as being crap for anything but racing.

Oh, and the video is a bit out of sync with the audio, so you might want to start listening earlier.

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It looks great. Never tried a military sim before, maybe this will pull me into the genre.

On another note, the way that gun bobs up and down when he runs looks incredibly strange for some reason o_O