Opening Game Logos Are The Worst

You start up a game. Before you can make it to a start screen or main menu you're barraged by a series of loud swooshy logos and copyright text you don't read. This is the modern hell of video games in which we live.

I've never really paid all that much attention to opening game logos before. Sure, the first time I boot up a new game I'm cognisant of them. What studio worked where and which new piece of middleware is sandwiched in between what. But after the third, fourth, fifth time seeing the same opening logos, it all becomes a bit redundant.

Often they're louder than they need to be and the worst ones, no matter what you do, cannot be skipped. Can't they just make them a bit nicer?


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Motion artist here. This is the kind of stuff that I do. Take that for what it's worth..
You can definitely be critical of a lot of openings but I will say that the openings for almost all of LucasArt's games were brilliant.