Only Xbox 360 Owners Will Be Able to Use This Exclusive Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Weapon

Remember when Final Fantasy games were a hot-damn, big-deal reason to get a PlayStation console? That era ended a little while back, and the very fact that Final Fantasy XIII showed up on the Xbox 360 meant that things would never be the same. Now that game's sequel will be offering an exclusive weapon that you'll only be able to use on Microsoft's game console.

Azrael's the name of a snazzy bow that only FFXIII-2's main character Serah can use, and it'll be available to Xbox 360 owners for 80 Microsoft Points, or $1. The bow will upgrade your Chain Bonus when equipped and is reportedly believed to possess the power to change the owner's destiny. Whatever that means. It'll change your destiny by making your wallet lighter, I guess.


We'll see if Square Enix rolls out similar exclusive weapons or DLC content for the PS3 when FFXIII-2 comes out next year.

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