Only Total War Could Make A Hill Look This Exciting

Rather than let the unwashed masses make "Let's Play" videos of the upcoming Total War: Rome II, Creative Assembly and Sega have cut out the middle man and made one themselves.

The chit-chat must be tolerated, because every chance to see this game in action is a chance you've got to take.

I was initially bummed the studio's latest game was Rome II, so excited was I for some kind of Empire II/Victoria/US Civil War type of game. The more I see of this baby in action, though, the more I just don't care anymore.

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Hmm, I've never looked into the Total War games, but the interface is more intuitive than I thought considering all the massive amounts of dudes your controlling.

Might have to pick one up this summer sale. Anyone got a good recommendation of the game to start with for someone completely new to the series? I'm looking for the best game to ease me in, don't care about the chronological order.