Crunching the sales data from game publication Famitsu, we have a breakdown by platform of the 100 biggest selling games of last year in Japan.

Here goes:

DS: 47 games
Wii: 15 games
PSP: 15 games
PS2: 12 games
PS3: 10 games
Xbox 360: 1 game

And that one Xbox 360 game is Tales of Vesperia, coming in at 82nd place in the top 100.

For those interested in how that breaks down by game maker, we have that as well:

Nintendo: 29 games
Namco Bandai: 20 games
Square Enix: 11 games
Konami: 10 games
Capcom: 6 games
Level5: 4 games
Sony Computer Entertainment: 3 games
The Pokémon Company: 3 games
Koei: 2 games
Atlus: 2 games
Enterbrain: 1 game
IE Institute: 1 game
Hudson: 1 game
Rocket: 1 game
EA: 1 game
Marvelous: 1 game


2008's Top 100 [via はちま起稿] [Pic]