Only One Video Game Awards Show Lets You Watch Solid Snake Blow Himself Up

Hey, Americans, did you know that many of the video games that you admired and obsessed over in 2011 were made in Canada? It's true. Deus Ex: Human Revolution? Sword & Sworcery? Assassin's Creed: Revelations? That one super-cute game about ponycorns that a five-year-old made? All crafted in the Land of Poutine.


Such creativity should be celebrated, right? That's exactly what the Canadian Video Game Awards have done for the last three years and you can catch a 60-minute CVA TV special on G4 Canada on this weekend. The 2012 edition was hosted by screenwriter David Hayter, probably better known as the voice of Metal Gear Solid's sneaky protagonist Solid Snake. The clip above shows Hayter getting into a testy discussion with the video game icon with some explosive results. Hideo Kojima probably wished he could do that to his most famous creation years ago.


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Someone should find the footage of Hayter and the voices of Cole McGrath and Adam Jensen doing "Raspy-Voiced Video Game Hero Theatre" later in the show.

EDIT: Better yet, I just did it myself: []