Online Game Gets Real-World Banking License

While some online games have problems with real-money transactions, Swedish MMO Entropia Universe has no such issues. Indeed, it's so responsible that publishers MindArk have been granted a proper banking license.

The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority granted the license last week. What does that mean? It means the publisher "gains the protection of the Swedish government's deposit insurance", which covers each account to the tune of $60,000.


It also means MindArk can offer banking services to customers. That means interest-bearing accounts, the direct deposit of paychecks, bill payment and even money lending. It even means that the game's currency, Project Entropia Dollars, has a real-world value on the currency exchange, with a fixed rate ensuring that 10 PED will get you 1 US Dollar.

Online game gets real-world banking license [AP]

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