Over at Grantland, the occasionally notorious but always thoughtful writer Tom Bissell has weighed in on The Witcher 2. He is… not impressed. In fact, after 6 hours with the game, he decided he'd seen enough.

"What?" you may blurt, spitting gravy flecks all over your laptop keyboard. "Six hours?? That's not nearly enough time to understand The Witcher 2!"


He explains his retreat via that pithy (and chuckle-inducing) quote up top. While I'm a big fan of the game, I can't say that I disagree with any one part of his review. It's almost as though it's possible to feel more than one way about something.

Clearly, The Witcher 2 managed to win me over in ways that it didn't win Bissell. As Jason and I discussed last week, the game gave me a "buy-in moment."


Tom clearly didn't have that moment. That quote made me laugh, though, since we've really all been there—if a game can't win you over in 6 hours, does it deserve another 6? Maybe not.

Colluding With Nilfgaard [Grantland]

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