One Thousand People Just Lined Up In South Korea For Nintendo Switches

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In what seems like a story from a different time, the Nintendo Switch is drawing long lines of people in South Korea.


As South Korean website The Qoo explains, people are at home and have lots of time to play video games. With Animal Crossing: New Horizons out, more Korean players are interested in getting a Nintendo Switch. But since there are shortages, it’s harder than ever to get the console.

This has meant long lines and scarce consoles. On May 1, for example, over 1,000 people lined up in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province to enter a lottery to get the chance to buy a Nintendo Switch.

There were only three hundred lottery tickets, as reported on Kakao, and only 45 Switch consoles.

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Image: The Qoo

In Daegu, another 500 people gathered for their chance.

Online in South Korea, resellers have also been offering the Animal Crossing Switch at premium prices.


South Korea has taken an extremely proactive stance against the novel coronavirus, with extensive testing and contact tracing. To date, there have only been 255 deaths.

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So I guess they’re content to stop at 3 consecutive days without a new COVID case (Yes, I know it’ll take a week or two for any of these folks to show symptoms)?