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One T-Shirt Isn’t Enough for This Xbox Exec

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer made the rounds in in the slight-casual variation of the Game Exec Wardrobe: blazer, t-shirt, dark-hued jeans. But, eagle-eyed viewers will have noticed that Spencer quick-changed his tops as the morning went on. Think he was sweating a lot?

Spencer wore shirts from the dev studios whose games will be showing up on the Xbox One. First it he showed up on stage with a tee emblazoned with the State of Decay logo, no doubt celebrating that downloadable title’s record sales.


Then it was Press Play, shouting out the Scandinavian studio making Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. Next up was a shirt from Capy Games, in support of Below, the roguelike adventure game coming from the company that helped birth Sword & Sworcery. By my count, that’s three but there may have been more.

Who does this man really love? Is a pretty t-shirt all it takes to earn your support, Phil? It's the equivalent of an elected official's American flag pin: "Of course, I'm all about the games, guys! Just look at my shirt(s)!" One can only imagine the dozens of developers sending 100% cotton, medium-to-large (just a guess there) t-shirts to Redmond in the hopes of currying favor with the Xbox potentate. Somewhere, Phil Spencer readies his t-shirt bin, eagerly awaiting the day he’ll never again have to buy something to wear under his blazers.