One Small Step For Kinect, One Giant Leap Toward A New Robotic Operating Buddy

Most Kinect hacks don't serve a societal good, right? Who needs the Xbox 360's wonder sensor to detect your breasts or make beautiful art?

But a Kinect hack that lets us control a robot arm brings us closer to a Kinect version of R.O.B., the ridiculous robot that was sold with the original Nintendo Entertainment System.


Okay, maybe this is even more useless. Watch this video of a man who has hacked the Kinect to allow him to gesture to control a robot arm. Imagine the potential of a Gyromite 360. Amazing? Too young to know what I'm talking about? Forget it.

Kinectobot: How it works [Vimeo]

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Speaking of Gyromite, who else used the 2nd controller on their siblings in order to crush them under the pillars?