One Real Good Incentive To Work At Blizzard For 20 Years

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If you thought the glass controller Sony employees got after five years of service was a nice gesture, wait til you see what Blizzard employees get for twenty years service.


They get one of the helmets pictured above. It's inspired by Diablo III's Archangel Imperius, with custom tweaks made by its creator, Blizzard's Vice President of Art & Cinematic Development Nick Carpenter.


It's a new award, which won't be ready to ship until next year, and there won't be many people in line to receive one; Blizzard was founded in 1991, meaning only the most veteran of veterans have stuck it out for this long.

The helmet isn't awarded in isolation; at five years' service you get a sword and a ten years you get a shield.

Blizzard Holiday Party 2012: Nick Carpenter Designs 20th Anniversary Award [Blizzplanet]

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5 years gets you a sword and 10 gets you a shield. Looks like you're working towards a full armor set