One-Punch Man, Summed Up In Two Minutes

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Without Saitama’s cyborg buddy Genos, One-Punch Man wouldn’t be the same. He’s the one who gives Saitama’s life context and meaning. Also, he just can’t shut his mouth.


The folks over at FimFlamfilosophy drew a short animation, and tried to summarize the anime series, this unique friendship and their love of punching things, by following this path.

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I need help convicing my roommate to watch one-punch man. He keeps saying “how can the show be any good if it’s one punch?”. I compared it to dragon ball Z and one piece (his 2 favorite animes, and he considered DBZ to be the greatest anime of all time). I said “well you know goku and luffy are gonna win, so it’s all about that build up to the one punch and side characters with personalities.”

That didn't work