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One Piece Will End In Four Or Five Years

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Since 1997, Eiichiro Oda has churned out One Piece. It has become the most successful manga ever. And one day, One Piece will end—according to Oda, in the next four to five years.


Recently, Oda appeared on Japanese TV and was asked how much longer the manga will run, reports Daily Sports. “Four or five years,” Oda replied. When asked if the ending was interesting, he answered, “It’s very interesting.”

Back in 2014, Kotaku reported that One Piece would probably last another ten years. “After 17 years, after more and more new characters being created in the story, I couldn’t stop inspiration coming into my head,” Oda said at that time. “I think I can continue drawing for another decade.” That would check out with the most up-to-date timeline.


Previously, Oda has also said he doesn’t sleep much and has no days off. Hopefully, that will change in several years!

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I do not understand why One Piece is so popular. I’ve tried to read the manga, and it is just a mess to follow. Too many chapters boil down to almost all exposition with a character suddenly going “oh no look out we are still fighting someone.” I think making so many characters, he has lost the ability to tell an interesting story in a single chapter. I decided during this samurai arc “okay, I will try to read one chapter.” It ended up being a scantily clad woman yelling at countrymen who were talking smack about their leader who was standing in a boiling pot of water that was intended to kill him and his men. The entire chapter was her describing a bunch of selfless acts this leader did, and suddenly all of the countrymen looked more and more horrified, “oh no how could we have been so cruel because we didn’t know! Now we know! Our poor leader!” Chapter end. Great storytelling?