[GIF via wyrrrrrr | Densetsu no Shunkan]

Can you blame him? I’m sure if you created the best-selling manga in Japanese history, you might enjoy keeping your privacy.

In the past, Oda has been photographed for Japanese magazines, and googling him, turns up a fistful of photos. Most of them, however, are not recent.

Japanese TV program Densetsu no Shunkan wanted to bring Oda a Dortmund jersey from One Piece diehard fan Shinji Kagawa. To show his thanks, Kagawa had signed the soccer jersey, which was emblazoned with Oda’s name.

The show went to Shueisha’s offices to give Oda the jersey.


After knocking on a meeting room door, there was a man with his back to the camera sitting in a chair.

The program’s announcer asked the man if he was Eiichiro Oda, and the man replied that he was.


Densetsu no Shunkan said Oda would appear on camera only if he didn’t have to show his face.

The announcer, however, then asked for confirmation that the man was, in fact, Oda.


Which, it seems, was drawing Luffy from One Piece.


After getting the Kagawa jersey and then trying it on, Oda asked for the drawing back.

And then personalized it to soccer star.


Some might call Oda reclusive, but I think this is smart. He can enjoy creating One Piece, but doesn’t have to worry about people bothering him when he’s in public.

According to Densetsu no Shunkan, this is the first time Oda has appeared on Japanese television. I tried to think of another time I’d seen him but drew a blank. This isn’t a one-off appearance, because he’s slated to appear again later this month to promote the upcoming One Piece movie. But don’t count on seeing his mug then, either.

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