The biggest difference between the DSi and the DS Lite? Sure, there's the obvious like the new interface and the SD card slot and the onboard camera, but the thing that really stands out is the way the DSi feels. Gone is the glossy fingerprint nightmare coating of the DS Lite. The DSi has a matte finish, giving the handheld a surprisingly classy feel. Cosmetically, the slighter wider screen is a major plus too.Haven't had time yet to fiddle with the camera, but I did pop in an American copy of Mario Kart DS, which confirms that the portable is still region free — however, it's been stated that any DSi-specific software will most like not be region free. DSi Ware, likewise, is not region free. The good news is that you can use it to play current and upcoming DS game. The better news? I'm giving this to one of you as a prize. We haven't decided what the contest will be, but right now, the DSi you are looking at isn't mine, it's a lucky reader's.