Illustration for article titled One of Those Teenagers Who Makes Xbox Live Gaming So, Uh, Interesting Will Answer Your Questions Now

We're going to call this kid Reilly. He's 17 but has been infuriating gamers on Xbox Live since he was in the fourth grade. He doesn't just like to beat you at games online, he likes to, in his words, terrorize you. He likes to curse at you, toss in some uglier language. You fill in the blanks.

He's one of them. He's one of the kids that makes Xbox Live gaming the thing we know it is—the thing that never shows up in the official commercials for the Xbox experience. And now, because maybe you've never had a chance to do this, you can ask him anything you want. And he's here to answer, starting at 1pm ET.


You know, you could ask: "Why do you make online gaming so unpleasant?" That sort of thing.

Let's see how this goes, shall we?

Ask your questions below.

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