One of the Greatest Mobile Music Games Goes Free-to-Play

Experimenting with new ways to make folks pay for their iOS games, Square Enix releases Groove Coaster Zero, injecting new songs and adapting a free-to-play model to Reisuke Ishida's original musical masterpiece.


Groove Coaster Zero takes the fine selection of tracks from the original game, drops in a selection of new free and premium tunes and lets the people play as they please. Unlock free tracks by playing through the game or drop a little cash for more tunes to play with.


As a bonus for fans that own the original game (everyone should), having it installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch when Zero launches unlocks three special limited edition gift tracks, not for sale and not available anywhere else.

Enough talk, it's time for me to wander away and play this for hours, ignoring the desperate pleas of my co-workers to write all the things.

Groove Coaster Zero — Free [iTunes]

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