One Of The Best Pro DOTA 2 Matches In Years

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DOTA 2's $20 million International tournament is in full swing, and so far, it’s delivered.


If you’re looking for the must-see match of the tournament, try the back-and-forth-and-back-and-forth-and-back-again showdown between EG and EHOME.

Here are some highlights:

You can watch the full game on Twitch.

The North America vs China clash was characterized by momentum shifts that came long past points at which other teams would’ve given up. EHOME seemed to have the first game locked up after 20 minutes, but EG hung on and never stopped pressuring. Each of their players had absolute star-making moments, and EG managed to take control again after 70 minutes. EHOME, however, pushed them back again and even managed to take out EG’s final barracks. As PC Gamer points out, no team in an International has ever come back from losing all their barracks.


And yet, EG did just that. EG player Universe pushed all by his lonesome while the two teams duked it out. Eventually, his teammates joined in, and EHOME, outmaneuvered and depleted, had no answer.

EHOME had some good moments in game two, but they were clearly shaken. EG ended up taking it 2-0, advancing them to the upper bracket final.

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i just dont get it. its complicated, slow as fuck, if you’re 1inch from where you’re supposed to be you’re dead. wtf is the draw of a moba?