One Of The Best Final Fantasy Games Turns 14 Today

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Happy birthday, Final Fantasy IX! You're fourteen years old now, and still just as lovely as you were back in 2000, though you could stand to take it easier on the random encounters.


FFIX, a story about an interspecies romance and a wizard child who learns how to have feelings, first came out in Japan on July 7, 2000, back when video games actually came out in July. To celebrate, you should play it. The game is still excellent, and the writing is still a peak for Final Fantasy as a whole.

I was thumbing through the Reddit thread about FFIX's 14th birthday and found this great quote, excerpted from the game's script:

Zidane: "Hey, that's Ipsen's line."

Dagger: "Ipsen? Who's that?"

Zidane: "Ipsen is a character from a play, but he's a real-life adventurer. I think the play is based on his adventures. It kind of goes like this... Ipsen and his good friend Colin worked at a tavern in Treno.

One day Ipsen got a letter. The letter was so wet from rain that most of the writing was illegible. The only part he could read said 'Come back home.' Nowadays, we have airships and stuff, but back then, it was really hard to travel. He didn't know why he had to go back, but he got some time off, gathered his things, and set out on his journey home. He walked a thousand leagues through the Mist. Sometimes he was attacked by vicious monsters, but he made it, because his friend Colin was by his side. And then, after much time on the road... He had to ask Colin something. 'Why did you come with me?'"

Dagger: "And? What was Colin's answer?"

Zidane: "'Only because I wanted to go with you.'"

That's Final Fantasy IX. Happy birthday.



I am slightly bummed to admit that of all the FF's I only haven't played FFVI & FFIX.