One New PS3 Doesn't Have a Hard Drive

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While missing from Japan and North America's reveals, the PAL announcement for the new super slim PS3 contains something interesting: there's a model that doesn't have a hard drive.


Available only in Europe, Hong Kong and Australasia, and replacing the 250GB model available elsewhere, this particular PS3 will instead pack 12GB of flash memory, turning it into the PlayStation's rough equivalent of the Xbox 360's 4GB version. The 500GB version will still be available in those territories.


Those purchasing the 12GB model will still be able to upgrade and drop a HDD in there later; the only change is that when they do, that 12GB will no longer be available for internal storage.

This HDD-less PS3 will be released on September 27 in Australia and October 12 in Europe. It'll be priced at €229 / AUD$300.

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Wait, you can't use the 12GB of memory after installing a HDD? Why? I know it's not much but it just seems confusing.