Well, this is different. Thanks to a massive injection of capital from General Electric, the SyFy network and a games developer are building a project in which an MMO and a TV show interact and "co-evolve".

The project has the name "One Earth", and the game is being worked on by Trion World Network, who you've...most likely never heard of. Trion senior producer Rob Hill says of One Earth "In this unique set-up, we can do things that other people would never even dare before: create a video game world and a television show… They not only promote each other, they literally depend on each other and co-evolve".


So the game influences the course of the show, which draws more people into the game. Interesting. Very interesting. For the full run-down, you can check out SyFy's promo clip of the project below.

[via mmorpg]

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