A new Call of Duty game reveal? Already? It's OK. I'm as shocked/speechless/breathless as you are.

Activision has updated Call of Duty's official site with a new splash page saying that, on May 1, there'll be a "World Reveal". Given the increasing buzz/chatter flying around it's probably for either Black Ops 2 or, as was rumoured over the weekend, Call of Duty: Eclipse. And that's it! Tease over.


Well, almost. Logo fetishists may notice that the series has a new logo, going for a more "military stencil" look than has been previously been used and marking the first time in the franchise's history they've made more than a very minor change to it. Lending the "it's not Black Ops 2" argument a little more weight.

We were sent marketing material last week hinting a new CoD game's reveal was imminent. With what's presumably pre-order dates stamped on the front of the box. A date that's the day after May 1.


Call of Duty [Official Site]

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