To: Bash From: Crecente It's oddly unsettling to be working in a big office filled with people you know by AIM and site but not voice or sight. Today I made my way to Gawker's new office, walking down the side streets of China Town and up three flights of steel stairs to confront a room of brick ceiling and oppressive natural lighting. The place is actually pretty neat looking, trendy even, but I think I'd take my slightly broken office chair, nearby hamster and view of the mountains over this any day. The walking commute was nice though. Do you ever miss a daily commute on your way from bed to desk under the same roof? I spoke with the folks here about long-term goals for the site, and even kicked around some interesting book ideas. More on that later. What you missed: Ensemble Were Working On A Halo MMO New Wave of Educational Games Coming to 360, PS3, Wii Ghostbusters' Future Not So Ethereal What Can Games Teach Us About The Election? TNA Impact! Review: Squandering Potential Make Comics, Pop-Up Books, Anything With LittleBigPlanet Resistance 2 Brings MMO Sensibilities to the World of Shooter Coop Street Fighter IV Box Art: Which Is Worse?